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By Tess

5 9 months ago


Just got a trim and layers, Maddie was so sweet and did such a good job on my hair. I asked a bunch of questions about products and styling tips and she definitely knows her stuff. She gave me recommendations and signed me up with regular hair cuts to keep my hair healthy. Will definitely book back with her :)

Maddie has been in the hairstyling industry for 5 years and absolutely loving it. She enjoys using her imagination when it comes to doing soft, elegant updos’ and if you’re looking into incorporating a trendy braid she's your girl but it doesn't end here.  On a daily basis  Maddie uses her creative cutting techniques for women, men and children's hair of various lengths and textures. She particularly enjoys doing trendy men's cuts and fades.   Maddie prides herself in giving her clients tips and tricks on how they can style and manage their hair at home.   As long as when they leave her chair they feel great about their look and can manage their style; she feels the vision has been achieved.

 She's always anxious and delighted to attend in salon classes and/or be chosen to go on the next course to keep herself updated and knowledgeable on latest trends and techniques.

 Maddie’s been at Salonblo for 4+ years and definitely fills our warm, inviting environment with a unique edge that we’re proud to have at Salonblo!